The Pinky Ring, Las Vegas

The Pinky Ring, Las Vegas

Award-winning musical sensation Bruno Mars brought on the renowned global design studio, Yabu Pushelberg, to bring his one-of-a-kind dream to life. The collaboration has given birth to The Pinky Ring, his sexy, smoldering cocktail lounge and jazz bar set to open at the Bellagio Las Vegas in February.

Yabu Pushelberg was entrusted by Bruno Mars to support with crafting the interiors, lighting, and styling of this alluring establishment. Serving as the conduit to Bruno Mars' vivid imagination, Yabu Pushelberg seamlessly translated his cinematic concepts into a decadent sensorial experience on the vibrant Las Vegas strip.


Designed as an opulent adult playground, The Pinky Ring immerses patrons in the alluring ambiance reminiscent of a 1970’s private penthouse party. Drawing from the Rat Pack, Sammy Davis Junior, the spirit of Silk Sonic, and music video lighting, The Pinky Ring represents an eye into Bruno Mars' imagination.

As one of the top performing artists in the world, Bruno Mars understands what it means to be in the spotlight. With a clear direction for how The Pinky Ring should not only be seen, but felt, lighting played a crucial role in establishing the aura and atmosphere of The Pinky Ring.

In the pursuit of perpetual allure, where lighting not only transforms spaces, but perceptions, The Pinky Ring unveils a strategic lighting innovation, schemed to make people look and feel their best. Embracing the simplicity of the concept, Yabu Pushelberg embarked on its complex execution. Through a strategic interplay of low-level, contrast, and accent lighting, The Pinky Ring lighting design unveils the unseen. From the sultry ambiance to the meticulously curated interiors, down to the selection of entertainment gracing the stage, each detail has been thoughtfully selected by Bruno Mars, spotlighting his timeless aesthetic and eye for understated flair and simplicity.

The journey begins upon arrival, where guests are greeted by a circular screen façade, protecting The Pinky Ring experience from external factors such as casino lighting and sound. Upon entry, guests are swept into another world that begins through a dimly lit mirrored passageway, outfitted with Bruno Mars’ Grammy Award collection. Inspired by contemporary museum design, Yabu Pushelberg designed the corridor as a soothing and discreet exhibition space where guests can cleanse their visual palette from the outside world and begin to submerge into The Pinky Ring.

Crafting a simmering prelude to the bar and lounge, the arrival serves as a vestibule to entertainment. Guiding guests along an enticing arrival pathway, it seamlessly leads to the heart of The Pinky Ring sunken Conversation Pit, the centerpiece of the 5,000 square foot space. See or be seen, each area is composed of its own suave and purpose that echoes into the next. Circles are key symbols throughout The Pinky Ring visual language, representing Bruno Mars’ records, awards and accolades in an abstract and tasteful way while alluding to visual nods of Palm Springs residences.

Yabu Pushelberg understood the visual identity of The Pinky Ring had to illustrate the essence of Bruno Mars. Drawing inspiration from the decorative typefaces of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Yabu Pushelberg embarked on a design exploration in creating a bespoke alphabet system and surrounding brand collateral that was innovative yet referential to the ideas and palette preferences of The Pinky Ring interior design. Centered around the playful manipulation of line work, the plump vertical and horizontal lined typeface is washed in a soft gold hue, striking a perfect balance between the weight and velocity of the type. This custom typeface serves as the foundation to The Pinky Ring brand collateral, including the signage, menu, napkins and coasters.