The Fulton New York

The Fulton, New York

When approaching the design of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's first seafood-driven restaurant, Yabu Pushelberg rooted The Fulton interiors in the history and heritage of Pier 17. To celebrate the location's nautical essence, each room is fitted with subtle, unexpected details that collectively tell the story of Pier 17's past while celebrating its future as a port of discovery.

Lighting Design

"The biggest challenge was wrapping our heads around how to design a seafood restaurant that isn’t kitsch. It’s easy to fall into clichés when you’re designing a restaurant that’s associated with nauticalism. By now, people expect fishnets and pictures of sea creatures all over the walls. We needed to elevate this idea and create a design language that is worthy of Jean-Georges, the location, and the sea-to-table ingredient ethos. We made it more about an undersea, other-worldly narrative and often found ourselves asking ‘What would Jacques Cousteau see?’ Then romanticized it."
— George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg