Park Lane New York

Park Lane, New York 

Yabu Pushelberg has embarked on a monumental two-year refresh of the New York landmark, the Park Lane Hotel. Inspired by the hotel’s natural exuberance, the studio sought to inspire the Park Lane’s renaissance. While the aura of the Park Lane’s past remained intact, the spirit of the hotel became weighted by dated interiors.

To re-awaken Park Lane, the studio immersed itself in the hotel’s vibrant history and native vernacular to formulate the re-conceptualization of the property through dynamic storytelling that resonates not only aesthetically, but with the emotional experience guests will encounter upon visiting this re-envisioned landmark. 

Inspired to create an evocative and unexpected experience, Yabu Pushelberg gravitated toward the palette of mischief left behind by Leona Helmsley and her dog Trouble. The resulting design tells the modern tale of Trouble, personified.

Lighting Design

Young, dapper, and handsome, Trouble straddles the line of protagonist and antagonist, serving as the charismatic and adventurous voice of possibility exuded through the reimagined Park Lane Hotel. Boasting a true life of lavishness, Trouble resides at the Park Lane Penthouse, immersed in magical panoramic views of Central Park whilst enjoying the endless sense of possibility at his disposal.

Left to his own devices, Trouble infuses entertainment into both his mornings and evenings, hosting opulent extravaganzas, proper tea parties, and chic soirées to be shared and enjoyed alongside his discerning and worldly companions. With this iconic new property serving as Trouble’s playground, the Park Lane’s senses have been reawakened, propelling the infamous hotel into an illustrious chapter of today.