Park Hyatt Shenzhen

Park Hyatt, Shenzhen

Over the past three decades, Shenzhen has transformed from a fishing community of 30,000 to a business apex of 12 million people. An epicenter of advancement, Shenzhen has cultivated a universal voice, attracting guests from around the world to engage with its point of view.

As Shenzhen’s skyline ascended into the clouds, Yabu Pushelberg was entrusted with creating a hotel that tells the story of the city. With the goal of nourishing the cultural palette of young-minded travelers, the studio sought to create a hotel that could speak to Shenzhen’s inherent nature.

Decorative Arts

Footprints of the past live through subtle design details inspired by the fishing village, using bespoke lanterns, local quality materials, and traditional craft techniques. The village’s sense of community is harbored in the hotel’s public spaces, including a lobby lounge, dining, and entertainment venues where locals and guests can collectively interact.

Grounded in a deep understanding of community and partnership building, the city’s history as a fishing village proves it now stands as a mecca for international trade.