La Samaritaine Paris

La Samaritaine, Paris

La Samaritaine represented the first glimmer into the future of retail after a global pandemic, inviting guests back to the kind of immersive shopping experience that can only happen in person. Even prior to 2020, digital storefronts dominated the retail landscape, and as a narrative-based practice, Yabu Pushelberg understood that shoppers and purveyors alike needed to engage with a new version of the brick-and-mortar experience. 


As a result, Yabu Pushelberg infused La Samaritaine with dynamic aspects that entice visitors into deeper engagement with the story of the legacy of LVMH home in Pont-Neuf. Yabu Pushelberg’s references to iconic Parisian style in combination with its celebration of LVMH’s heritage defines the future of luxury retail as an embodied experience, rather than an exclusively virtual one.