Arbor Hong Kong

Arbor, Hong Kong

A warm and relaxed fine dining restaurant located on one of the busiest and most prestigious streets in Hong Kong—Queens Road Central. The team at Yabu Pushelberg was tasked with creating a haven for people to escape the bustle of the city. A design narrative was created around a loving couple, welcoming travelers and friends into their home for a feast, surrounded by nature and art.

From this, a rustic and homely atmosphere was envisioned with inspiration rooted in art and the outdoors. This also ties into the origin of the restaurant's name which translates to "tree" in Latin. Given the building is in H Queen’s, a CL3-designed building of arts and culture, the design intention was to nurture the arts and add another layer to what the building and area represent to the city.

Lighting Design

To achieve a calm environment, a sequence of intimate, natural spaces was constructed for the restaurant. The dining experience has three rooms with three distinct characters: a bar, the main dining room, and a private dining space. The palette represents colours that can be found throughout nature. The team worked with honest materials to create custom oak tables and leather-bound, oak-framed chairs. There is an overall romantic notion to all the interconnected spaces that can be felt upon entry. Overall, the lighting is soft and romantic with indirect light providing an ambient glow throughout.